Did-It-Myself Project #4: Hitting the Deck

Out in the greenhouse of my first Oregon home were large raised beds of sandy soil for planting rows of baby shrubs and trees. The beds were framed by 10-foot-long pressure treated boards just begging to be fashioned into something more fun. Serendipitously, I uncovered half a dozen concrete footers out there as well. A big box of 2 1/2″ deck screws was all I needed to bring an idea to life.

When I found more wood, I added stairs and an herb garden.  A pile of bricks and several buckets of sand turned into a fire pit just beyond. A neighbor down the street was having a wooden pole fence put in around their horse ranch. They were more than happy to watch a truck load of end pieces leave with me. Made a good border.

And, true to my home improvement addiction, landscaping followed, including this wide flower border along the house and a large organic garden out back.

Unable to control myself, I installed an entire variegated boxwood hedge along the edge of the property, which you can just see in the back. Thanks to the greenhouse, 99% of the plants were free because I either found them in there or started them from seed.

April 17, 2006


2 thoughts on “Did-It-Myself Project #4: Hitting the Deck

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