The Octopus Tree

The Oregon coast has its own photo filter: fog.7368cfed0fa828890c861f25d6681571



It makes everything soft and dreamy, it makes your hair resemble a 1990s grunge rocker two hours into a gig, and it makes a hot shower and a steaming bowl of chili (with tons of cheddar on top, let’s be real) at the end of the day a religious experience.




Roaming this opaque terrain, it’s easy to forgive Sasquatch sightings. Aliens and hillbillies aren’t unheard of, either, as well as slugs of unusual size (SOUS’s).One of the creepier things out there in the mist is the Octopus Tree. It won’t grab you or anything, it’s a Sitka spruce, it only moves a couple millimeters a year. Kind of like me during a YouTube animal video marathon.il_570xN.483225264_92jj



Several hundred years of slow sculpting has created a dendritic monster 50 feet in circumference around the arms and 105 feet tall. That’s a big-ass octopus.lefthandedtoons-comics-ghosts-octopus-204730



No one really knows how it came to be that shape. One theory has indigenous peoples training it into a holding platform to support canoes that hold their dead. So, add ghosts to the list of things in the mist.I maintain that it’s a natural wonder and that there are many more trees out there in the dripping gloom workin’ on a strange shape. Kinda like Mickey Rourke.

July 12, 2006


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