Did-It-Myself Project #8: On the Fence

Hey, look, the neighbors just put in a shiny new cedar plank fence. You know what that means: Free materials. All you gotta do is ask the builders not to haul the old one away and….

…Presto! Instant supplies. Even a free door, pressure treated posts, and some new slats.

That means the crappy old fence can go bye-bye. Here’s what it looked like when I moved in. Can you say “firewood?”

And the lovely view from inside the yard. Ew.

Hasta la vista, baby! There’s something rather cathartic about jamming the claw of a hammer into an eyesore and ripping it’s rusty, bent nails out.

Ahhh, much better! Cordless drill, hallowed be thy name.

Had to reinforce that ancient door a little, though. Weather and bugaboos had turned the cross braces into a holey mess.

New interior, ready for landscaping.

Extra wood means some sexy shell action…er, shelf action.

Not bad for my first fence. Now, if only I could replace the damned rental house.

October 31, 2008


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